February is a crazy month. In Spain, we call it: “Febrerillo el loco”. Maybe the chaotic weather (today it seems spring, tomorrow it could look like “Arendelle”, the “Frozen” world), maybe because Valentine´s Day is coming as well as Carnival, the fact is that everything seems to conspire to keep our nerves on edge.

“Love is in the air”, the song says and this is a perfect excuse to let romance seduce us with a love story. Today´s post is dedicated to “Pemberley Celebrations. The First Year” by American author Kara Louise, a sequel of “Pride and Prejudice”, you know, Jane Austen´s most famous novel as well as one of the best romantic stories ever written.

I say “a” sequel because “Pride and Prejudice” is known for being a huge source of inspiration for sequels, prequels, variations… you only have to  look on the internet to discover the good and successful health Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) has nowadays.

“Pemberley Celebrations. The First Year” brings us a collection of short stories where readers will know about Darcy and Elizabeth´s first year of marriage.Pemberley Celebrations Blog LP

Christmas, Valentine´s Day, Easter, Midsummer´s Day, Halloween… “Pemberley Celebrations” looks like a sort of Advent Calendar where every chapter is a kind of little window open to a special festivity. There´s a romantic atmosphere all over the novel. Of course, there´re some troubles but they´re just quibbles and readers can feel safe and sound: “Pemberley Celebrations” gets rid of the tension people experienced in “Pride and Prejudice”. It´s a reading to enjoy and daydream, a pleasure for fans of this classic novel who will witness how Elizabeth is getting used to being Mistress of Pemberley and Fitzwilliam Darcy is turning his landowner rigid customs into a more relaxed ones thanks to his outgoing wife.

And, around them, the Pride and Prejudice “troupe”: Jane and Bingley, the Bennet Family, Georgiana Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, The Collinses… even Lady Catherine de Bourgh has a role to play in this “annual” comedy…

It´s a warm experience to immerse in these short stories with romance blooming in such an elegant atmosphere. Pemberley is the perfect mansion we have in mind when we imagine this sort of nineteenth-century-stories, a magnificent building with all the luxury and duties this status involves. A sort of Downton Abbey…

Kara Louise is a well known author in JAFF. Her writing style is refined and keeps the essence of the characters created by Jane Austen. Other Kara Louise´s titles are “Darcy´s Voyage”, “Only Mr Darcy will do” and “Pirates and Prejudice”.

As far as I know, “Pemberley Celebrations. The First Year” isn´t translated into spanish yet. So, if you speak english, you´re lucky!. It would be desirable that this sort of novels was translated into spanish because they would find a lot of people willing to read them. Meanwhile, you can buy this Kara Louise´s novel in Amazon. Check the link below


And this is Kara Louise´s site